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The Pronunciation Explanation and Reading Languages (PEARL) Foundation

PEARL Foundation is a non-commercial organisation dedicated to the growth and evolution of seven languages. Currently, the foundation is working towards the development of French, Spanish, German, Russian, Arabic and Portuguese, although we have our plans to cover some more languages in the future. As a part of our research and development, we undertake translation work from the industry, although it must be related only to the languages that we research. Every new translation project brings a new learning experience and opens a research opportunity for us. Our high quality translation service aims at developing languages, and our expert team of research scholars are dedicated to our noble cause.

Being a research organisation, we work under the non-commercial guidelines laid down by the Founders of the organisation. All the translation assignments accepted by the organisation are done on a cost-to-cost basis, without adding any profit component into it. It helps us deliver high quality translation services at cheap prices. Our prices are always less as compared to several other commercial organisations, which are working in the main streamline business of professional translation services.

History of PEARL Foundation

PEARL Foundation was established around ten years back in Chadderton Precinct, Lancashire with an objective to evolve languages. All the operational expenses of the company were totally funded by the Founders for the first five years. It was only in 2008 that the management of the organisation took an anonymous decision to accept the translation work from only those clients, who want high quality translation services from the list of seven languages that we research.

The management of the PEARL Foundation also decided that the organisation was not going to make any money from our translation services, but the organisation will offer the services only at cost. The organisation only wants to meet the running expenses. Cutting out the profit motive, we offer the highest quality of translation services and it is done only by the research scholars involved in studying and developing the languages.

How PEARL Foundation is different from any other Professional Translation Services ?

  1. PEARL Foundation is a non-profit organisation.
  2. PEARL Foundation offers highest quality of translation services.
  3. PEARL Foundation offers their services without making any money out of it.
  4. PEARL Foundation translators are Language Research Scholars.
  5. PEARL Foundation utilises its research results in all its translation services.

How PEARL Foundation is Different from Other Research Organisations ?

Most of the research organisations are either dependent on donations or government grants, but PEARL Foundation raises its head in pride. We believe in working and self-financing our operations with our work, instead of getting dependent on any other organisation. It helps us develop a strong sustainable research and business model that is suitable to self-funded research organisations. It also helps us continue working with our noble cause of language development without making any compromises to our work ethics.

What is our Expectation ?

Since, we aren't asking for any donations, neither are we dependent on grants, we simply make an appeal to all those individuals and organisations who are in need of quality translation services.

Join our hands and become a part of language evolution led by us.

Help us by Donating your Translation Work, not by Donating your Money.

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TestimonialsPansy Brault

We had developed an innovative device as an alternative to iPod, and wanted to make it big in the International market. Being on low budget, it was tough for us to arrange quality translation professionals. PEARL took the challenge and we are glad that they did. We got quality material within our budget. Thanks.

TestimonialsMichael Osterhagen

Our company deals in Environmental Laws. Unluckily, most of the work done in this field is in English, while we wanted it in German. We hired a professional translation company but they left us hanging in between the project. Someone suggested us about PEARL Foundation. They completed our project on time. Great work.

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